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If you've decided to see the sights of Odessa, it is the best to start with the city center. At first we advise you to see Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral. It is located near the Greek square and is known as the sight of the city of Odessa. The Cathedral is not only beautiful but also full of the tragic facts of its history. Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral was plundered and even partially destroyed. After the October Revolution this sight of old Odessa has been turned into entertainment place. After Perestroyka Spaso-Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral has again become the pride of the city and the main attraction in Odessa. Then, in the 90's years, it was restored through fundraisinge of Odessa inhabitants.

After visit to Cathedral you can walk through the market of souvenirs, which is also an attractions of Odessa. The market was moved here from the park on Deribasovskaya street. At this market you can buy the pictures of local painters and real Odessa souvenirs. Even if you don't want to buy something, it is interesting to walk through the souvenir market. we guarantee you the feeling that you've been in a small museum of modern art gifts.
Next you will come to Deribassovskaya street. The street was named it in honor of the first mayor of Odessa - Joseph de Ribas, who took part in the planning and construction of the city. At the end of his life Joseph De Ribas said: One of the main and important of my deed is the foundation of port and the city, which was given a wonderful name - Odessa.

The city park is located in Deribasovskaya street Odessa. After a recent restoration this park has become one of the best parks in Ukraine. But it is best to come to park after you'll see the other attractions in Odessa. In the evening the park is transformed into a fountain-light performance. From Deribasovskaya it is best to go to Lanzheronovskaya street. Real masterpiece of architecture of the Odessa Opera House is on this street. The theater was built in the architectural style of Vienna's "baroque", and its facade is decorated with sculptures of Greek mythological heroes.

After that you can go to the Duma square, where the magnificent building of City Council is located. Not far from this place there is one of the most unique attractions in Odessa - a monument to orange. At one time the Emperor Paul has decided to stop construction of Odessa and to change its decision the inhabitants of the city presented to Emperor outlandish gift - a large number of Greek oranges. Paul was surprisedvery much and the construction of the city was continued. By the way, as tourist attractions can be noted the building of some Odessa hotels, for example, hotel Passazh and the Arcadia Hotel.

Returning after a walk to the center, you can make a pleasant shopping in the main shopping center of Odessa - four-story "Athena" It's located on the Greek asquare, which is the most beautiful city square and is one of Odessa attractions.

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