5 obsolent methods that will accelerate your creative process

An entry without a map is turned into a chaotic process in which you can't handle your thoughts. There are so many items in your essay you want to hide and express all the thoughts that come into your mind. Moreover, there may also be the opposite problem: lack of information and useless attempts to start paper are suppressing the recording, and you spend three times as much time instead of doing this work quickly and qualitatively

But you don't have to worry. Writing essays and ignoring the pattern is inherent to many newcomers. We're going to show you some techniques to convert your assignment into a fairly simple and entertaining thing

Select the partition that you are using

If you already have some knowledge about it, the recording process will be more pleasant and fast. You noticed-when you wrote an article about a code, you don't spend so much time, as in the description of the unknown things you should understand on the road? Explain the purpose of the compilation and prioritize them

Mark the points that you want to reference

Record any ideas that your brain has created at this time. You can pay attention not only to ideas but also to sources of relevant information, short work items, arguments, or methods that you intend to use. If you find it useful to create a decent one

Create Framework of the Essay

At this point, you need to switch to critical thinking and choose to load the thumbnails in the most convincing way. After that, you need to put them together and think about the structure of the record. We build the operators in order and schema of their expression

Highlight the main ideas

It's time to decide which things are important and which are smaller. Secondary dots, however, play a large supporting role. Your arguments must be supported by examples, statistical data and various theories

Check and edit if necessary

The modification is the final and most critical phase of any text composition. At this point, you will check whether the contour of the error contains errors, incorrect views, and other things that you want to remove or adjust

Now let' s move on to the types and characteristics of each

1. A traditional approach

Below is a brief overview of the document, dividing it into chapters. The description of each part should not be a volume: suffice it to write three or four sentences to explain what this chapter is

  • Good for the long work.
  • The scheme is well structured and clear for all;.
  • Comforting all ideas together.
  • He looks like a sort of brainstorming session, because the author mentions a lot of details and sums up the essays in length. Synopsis is suitable for your essay if it consists of one or two main points and many supporting elements

  • User for short stories;.
  • Serves as its memory by providing a detailed summary;.
  • 3. Snowflake's method

    There are no rules that could be associated with

  • A quick way to find new ways to prove the underlying essay;
  • It can be customizable.
  • 4. Three-act structure

    The first act is the introduction to the record, the second is the main part, and the last act is for the conclusion. This method helps to highlight all the points of qualitative essay, because it is recommended to adhere to the main three-part structure in the development of academic documents

  • Good for those who don't know how to start.
  • Simple to understand;.
  • Structure.
  • This type of contour with the name catchy can also be called "anti-cone". In fact, you just have to start writing because of this method. This is a draft of the creation, without paying attention to errors and inconsistencies. Moreover, it should not be as detailed as the final version of the academic record. The main requirement is speed-the more efficient this method, the more effective this method. We all know that appetite comes with food

  • Time economy;
  • The free form of the entry;.
  • The outline should not be considered a waste of time. This watch, or even the minutes you spend at this time, will be returned to you in the future when you start writing. Words are beginning to turn into proposals themselves and to be transformed into readable and logically sequential text. People who have missed the path often face many obstacles, because their photo essay has not been completed. A plan prepared in advance can save up to 25% of the time. So don't be lazy and learn to compose a sketch every time you get an order to write an essay, research, or review