Network 101: boards and bricks so that you can hold a meeting of 'right people'

Whether you realize it or not, you are every day in your life. You will share your friends, call your parents, connect through social networks or share this handsome barista. But networking is an integral part of building a career or hunting for your dream. Right, he can get information about what's going on in the interest of you, the names of the companies that hire, and even advice about how to get this assignment

You're gonna be this man who says, "Don't worry, I know a guy."

Unfortunately, many people-even some adults!-have no idea how to work properly on the network. Never fear, dear SLNer, because I have created a guide only for you! With the help of the practice you will be able to connect almost to everyone, and who knows what amazing possibilities they will lead to you! (for example, dream work)

I understand you want a job or a better one. Unfortunately, the network is not as simple as standing there asking people to help you. You must give people reason to ask you to be interested. What are your talents? What are your skills? Do you have any connections that others could use? You need people, but people will only want it if you show them your value

Think of the people you would like to meet, who will work better with you and vice versa. If you can define specific names, this is even better. You can also address people in your direct network so that they can tell you a good word if they do

After you have built several possible versions, see if there are any upcoming events that these people will visit, such as office parties, corporate and/or charity events. If your friend connected you to you and made a connection for you, schedule a meeting with the coffee

Before you start a meeting with these people, write them for a short time and let them know you want to talk to them. This makes the introduction of people less harsh. In addition, you need to create a LinkedIn profile and a solid business card that employees can use to contact you after that. There's no yelling "professional!" like a LinkedIn and a fancy map with your name

You have an attack plan. Are you looking for a few people in a big event, or is it a one-man meeting with a friend? Don't even think about it. Take into account the impressions you would like to leave. What's the matter? Why are you at this event? What do you want to achieve? On the other side, it doesn't age too much to recuse. They're looking for a job with a man, not a Telesophler (unless this is the job you're looking for, in which case you will pursue your dreams!)

Everyone has a reason to be at the event, but no one will be far away if they think about themselves all the time. Yes, you must remember your purpose, but you must be open to the ideas and interests of others. You may find out that someone is looking for a job, and until you can help them, you know someone who can! Playing back-points with the interests of people in your network not only helps others, but also extends your network. Don't forget that selfless fact makes you very good

People tend to see you before they hear you, so don't forget to smile and relax, to open the body language. And because you're not the only nervous person, be friendly with all of you, regardless of whether you want to talk to them or not. You cannot reject others as unimportant, because you do not need them now, which does not mean that you will not need one or one of their compounds later. Look what everyone says and questions. People like to talk about themselves, so let them. You'll have your turn to rewind your things

Master, the art of small talk to make the first conversation light and easy. While you are here for business, it is best to let people know you a little better before getting more information about your goals. If you haven't done that, start reading the paper when your old man is done with her. They are an excellent source of dialogue

Another good skill is the distribution of complications, which makes people relaxing and more comfortable with you. As with everything else, you should sound sincere, so be careful not to put it too fat. You don't want the sound to be too desperate

Trust me. Avoid self-describing, and only apologize if you actually did something wrong, for example, accidentally knock the muffins in the white blouse of your sorter

When you've exhausted the conversation or you see someone else you'd like to talk to, you have a courteous move plan. Give them your business card and name them

Don't hold back more than absolutely necessary. If you're just sitting on the side, dragging your choice, you probably don't need to be there anymore. If you've already been in touch with everyone you want, you're ready to go online, pros

Enjoy the $1,000 training, Jordan! For you to win,

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