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A wonderful city Odessa is called Caledonia, Black Sea Babylon, Little Paris, Capital of the South. Yes, you are absolutely right, it is Odessa. This is a wonderful city that has almost everything, where unconnected connects, where Ukrainian steppe meets the Black Sea. Here clean and fresh air is, happy and funny people live. Sights of Odessa really charms us by its unique beauty.
According the historical standards, the the hero city Odessa is quite young, but its history is rich of many significant events, which left their imprints on the architectural image. We can see it in the major attractions of Odessa, in the nature of people and their attitude to their homeland - colorful southern city Odessa.
History of Odessa since its inception was connected with the struggle for northern Black Sea's liberation from the Ottoman conquerors. But even earlier, in the XIII century, during the Golden Horde, on the trritory of Odessa city was a settlement of Ginestra. At the end of 14th centuryr and the beginning of the 15th century Ginestra was a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and was called Kachibey, Gadzhibey or Kotsyubeev. Since 1475 Kachibey belonged to the Ottoman Empire and the Turks called it Hadzhibey or Adzhibey. In 1764, a fortress Yeni Dunya was built there. During the second Russian-Turkish war on September 14th, 1789 the fortress was captured by a detachment of Joseph de Ribas, the Major-General of the Russian army, which was commanded by Alexander Suvorov. Four-years war was ended of Jassy peace treaty, concluded in 1791. According to this peace treaty the Crimea and the land between the rivers Dniester and Southern Bug bacame a part of Russia.

On 22d of May, 1794 Catherine II has issued a decree about the construction of military harbor on the territory of Hadzhibey. Under the leadership of Joseph de Ribas and Engineer-Colonel Franz de Vollan a plan of building the city was created. On the second of September, 1794 with the blessing of Katerynoslav and Taurid Metropolitan Gabriel the first pile foundation of Odessa were scored. The city has got its name from the Greek village of Odessos or Odissos, which was located in 45 miles from Hadzhibey at the tip of the left bank of Tiligul firth.
Prosperity of this beautiful Ukrainian city was contributed by outstanding mayors - Admiral De Ribas, Duke Duc de Richelieu, graph Vorontsov and Langeron. Each of them made a lot of glorious deeds for the benefit of Odessa and its people. Due to these talented people the main attractions were built in Odessa. It is impossible to imagine the history of Odessa and the northern Black Sea coast without these famous men.
Odessa has perfect geographical location, which allowed it to turn from a small settlement into the trade, industrial and scientific center of European significance. To the 100 th anniversary of the Odessa Ukraine the city took the 4th th place in size and level of economic development after the St. Petersburg, Moscow and Warsaw. During the 1-st and 2-nd World Wars hero-city Odessa was destroyed, and many residents were shot by German and Romanian invaders. Despite the historic upheavals the population of Odessa has tripled during last century.
Today the city is a major industrial and resort center in Ukraine. Mild climate, plenty of sandy beaches and warm sea create the conditions for unforgettable rest in Odessa. The city, which has the title of "South Palmira", attracts millions of tourists. It is necessary not only to see Odessa, but also to hear it, to breathe and taste. Odessa is not only the station and airport, and even not such famous attractions as the street Deribassovskaya, Potemkin Stairs, Primorsky Boulevard and the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater. Ukraine Odessa it is incredible stories, rooted phrases, rowdy songs, brilliant poems, original humor, funny jokes and much much more.
Odessa is a city with a rich historical heritage, and it is also a perfect place for rest and relax. Anyone who has even once visited Odessa, is carrying a piece of it in the heart, hoping to come back to the shore of the blue Black Sea.

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