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You probably aware of the fact that your travel to cities in Ukraine will pass right and good if you plan it well. Did you decide to take you family to Odessa? It is the best plan! First thing that you need is accommodation. You begin thinking: if a hotel better for me or should I find another option like or rent a flat in Odessa? People, who work in our company will aid you to make the right decision. The thing that you need to do is to look through a few words about differences between taking a room in a hotel and renting an apartment when you travel to Ukraine.

To rent an apartment is cheaper. See different rates here: one room in a hotel in the center may cost you 100 - 250 dollars or or even 500 dollars or more per night, while you can rent a cosy and amazingly furnished apartment very close to the main street just only for about 35 - 40 dollars per day and a little more which depends on the qualityof the rented apartment, the quantity of the rooms and the address of the apartment.
With a rented flat in Odessa you have your own home in the foreign city. It will be your own home in Odesa. You can come and go whever you feel like it and are not made to report your visits to the a man at the reception. There are some hotels that demand to leave notices at the reception about your guests who come to your room. If you have your own flat for rent in Odessa your your friends can come and go any time without stranger's no good looks.
Daily rented apartment in KOdessa gives you more opportunities to have a comfort and cosy stay. apartments in Odessa in Ukjraine are nicely furnished withh all the modern supplies in every room, in the kitchen and bathroom , so you could feel like at home. If you stay in a hotel, you have to eat in a restaurant. In your rented flat you have a possibility to cook your own dinner.
In a hotel you don't get a wide choice of rooms. All of them mostly are standard and mainly have just one room with a bed and a bathroom. While renting an apartment you have a great opportunity to pick out the quantity of rooms and rent one-room, two room, 3-room apartments and the living space. Every apartment for rent in our city has an up-to-date style and decor.

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