4 ways to pay some extra cash for rest during the summer holidays in 2017

Average summer day, 5 p.m. You left the workplace and counted dollars because you just got your first paycheck. You are proud of yourself, you feel the taste of future freedom and independence. Obviously, this is the best thing for a part-time student

There are many types of vacancies for young people, but we recommend that you consider the following:

1. Freelance Writer Writer

80% of students work part-time. The overload function provides you with not only 4 to 5 working hours per day, but also a flexible schedule. The distribution of your time depends on you: complete tasks in the morning or at midnight, at home or in a café

General requirements:

  • Excellent writing skills (complete knowledge of grammar, stylistic rules and structures);
  • The fluency in English or in the other language you are about to use
  • Experience in personal computers and Microsoft Office
  • Basic knowledge of the optimization of search systems and marketing for authors of copyright;
  • Good knowledge of the formatting rules for the academic writers
  • Why use this option?

    After completing a series of orders, you will understand the true power of words and transform your pen into a powerful weapon of persuasion. This is useful for both university education and future career, whatever that may be

    Most college and university students who do not have special abilities are serving as waiters in bars and restaurants. The job is very profitable: you get both the salary rates and the tips from the clients

    General requirements:

  • Strong communication skills;
  • Ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • A physical race;
  • A well-preserved look
  • Experience with clients is preferred
  • Why use this option?

    Strict discipline, high intensity of work and constant physical activity are your nature. You will improve communication skills by learning how to operate in awkward situations and learn more about the customer service, which opens the doors to more prestigious institutions

    If you get along well with the little children and don't annoy you, try working as a babysitter or babysitter. Moreover, you can apply for this position abroad, where it is popular to hire young foreigners who provide them with accommodation and food, but without any remuneration

    General requirements:

  • The love of the children
  • Cleaning and cooking skills;
  • Good knowledge of the primary school curriculum
  • A well-preserved look
  • The preference was given to qualifications in foreign languages;
  • Priority is given to the training of teachers
  • Why use this option?

    It's a great opportunity to go back to childhood and prepare for the future of family life at the same time. You will learn how to understand the requirements of a child and become more patient. In addition, children are often asleep in order to be able to devote these hours to reading or other meaningful activities

    Students who are smart in a particular topic at the university can give private lessons to those who cannot overtake the educational process

    General requirements:

  • The level of proficiency in the selected topic
  • Good communication skills
  • Time management skills
  • The knowledge of specific teaching methods is preferable
  • Why use this option?

    You need to learn the skills you need for the university and learn how to teach other people. In the future, you can continue to be a teacher, instructor, or mentor

    This is only four major opportunities in the labor market that can be considered by the student. If you want to apply something more extraordinary, search for other jobs using different job portals on the Internet